Halal Burgar Kissimmee


Welcome to B&B Express

B&B Express is a family owned business with one major goal in mind. To provide a variety of delicious halal foods at an affordable cost.

Try our Biryani, the king of entrees from the East, a combination of rice and chicken with a soft blend of spices and a mouth watering taste. Or try our B&B Burger, an air fried twist on the quarter-pound American classic.

But our menu doesn't end there. Expose your taste buds to our yellow rice topped with your choice of chicken and/or gyro, accompanied by our signature white sauce, an addicting combination!

To wash it all down, pick from our wide selection of sodas or fruit juices. Last but definitely not least, spoil yourself with one of our unique desserts: our kulfis are loved by all and our dessert parathas are sure to satisfy.

So come introduce yourself to the best tasting halal food in town!

halal biryani kissimmee